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Pentagon Spokesman: Syria’s Khorasan Group Was Planning ‘Imminent’ Attack

An imminent attack by Khorasan, the Islamist group in Syria targeted by the recent American air strikes, prompted the Obama administration to act, according to Pentagon press secretary rear admiral John Kirby. He indicated that it may have taken place as soon as the next few weeks.

“We do know, and we had good solid information, that they were in the endgame of planning and plotting an attack against Western targets,” Kirby said on Fox News on Tuesday. “We know that they were up to something, and it was very, very close.”​

Kirby was initially mum on how soon Khorasan planned to strike. When pushed, he revealed it was not a matter of a few years, but then refused to say whether it was just a matter or months or even weeks. “Soon enough that we needed act,” he said.

While the Pentagon continues to assess the effectiveness of this week’s strikes, Kirby said the strategy aimed to stop Khorasan’s capabilities moving forward.

“We believe that we will have been able to disrupt the imminent nature of this threat, of this attack if we’re fully successful,” he said.


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