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People in Movies Who Are Not Us

For whatever reason people are always telling me that they saw someone who looked exactly like me. Must be some handsome devils out there.

But in film it doesn’t happen that offen. But there was this one time some buddies and I were watching the WWII movie “Memphis Belle” in the theater. At the end of the film there’s this tense moment when you don’t know if the plane is going to make it to the landing strip. Everybody at the base is worried. They all start looking skyward in unison. One of the main actors puts the binoculars to his eyes and looks heavenwards. Are they dead? Where’s the plane? And then, suddenly, from behind him appears this character with no lines wearing Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. He looks skyward and all my friends burst into laughter freaking out the audience. Apparently, this guy just looked like me. It was as if I just walked out onto the screen. It was very weird moment.


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