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People Power

Another perspective: “Folks like Derbyshire aren’t going to get the pro-immigration argument until they understand the simple fact that ‘people are power’ and that  ‘lack of people is a weakness.’  Take the Japan/Indonesia example – Japan has negative population growth, in part because it holds to ethnic purity (I am of course, patently ignoring the second and third generation Koreans, among others, who work and live in Japan). In 100 years, if Japan holds to its policies, Japan is not going to matter….We are a superpower because past immigration has swelled our population to #3 in the world: China, India, us (U.S.).  We can only remain a super power if we increase our population.  If we don’t have at least 500 million people in the U.S. by 2106, we won’t be a superpower (let alone the world’s only superpower).  China, India, and yes, Indonesia, and who knows what other countries will have passed us by.”


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