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People Who Have Not Enrolled/Didn’t Use Exchanges Flank Obama During Rose Garden Speech

President Obama praised his health-care law in a Rose Garden speech Monday morning, flanked by several people who ostensibly have benefitted from the Affordable Care Act. But of the 13 people who stood behind Obama during his speech, few have actually enrolled in health insurance under the law or used the Obamacare exchanges.

For example, Malik Hassan is “looking forward to enrolling,” according to a White House e-mail, while Karmel Allison “recently began researching her options.” Likewise Nathaniel Hojnacki “is planning to enroll.” Perhaps admitting further the difficulty of signing up, a White House e-mail said that one of the few guests who has enrolled, Zohre Abolfazli, “was able” to register last night, undoubtedly a difficult process.

Though Obama spoke in response to the continually terrible rollout of the health-care exchange website, many of the people who stood behind him have never had to use the website, having benefitted from the law by staying on their parents’ plans.


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