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People’s March, People’s Republic

The streets of Manhattan are teeming with hippie filth this afternoon as the People’s Climate March (and Rally Against Personal Hygiene on General Principles) rolls through town like an addled occupation force. One particularly loopy-looking couple of well-seasoned veterans of the protest circuit, little signs reading “Divest from Fossil Fuels” pinned to their shirts, were desperately trying to hail a taxi. New York City taxis, as everybody knows, run on magic. I offered them a ride in my invisible solar-powered unicorn chariot; they did not take me up on it. I assume Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore shared a unicycle to get here.

But Grover and Moonbeam were far from the strangest or most ironic sight in the city today. Across town, the section of Park Avenue fronting the Waldorf was a sea of Communist banners, as if that kid from Rolling Stone had finally had all his dreams come true. It was some sort of China rally. The Chinese have good cause to be proud of their civilization, but not of that flag, and the government it represents, the so-called People’s Republic.

People’s March. People’s Republic. Listen to the Left, and they’ll always tell you who they really are. 


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