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Key for Cruz

This morning, I did a little television, in what I thought would be a segment about my new book. (Plug plug plug!) It turned out to be about Ted Cruz and Iowa, which was fine. (My disclosure, written last summer.)

While I’m on the subject — Ted, that is: I spotted something in an article about an event in Sioux City. Here’s the relevant swatch:

Marilu Erdahl — who drove 2½ hours in the snow to see the candidates speak, making her exactly the kind of Republican the candidates count on during the wintry caucuses — said she entered the event torn between Cruz and Carson. But as she talked through the importance of national defense, she decided on Cruz. “He has experience, he’s shown what he can do,” she said of Cruz. “With the state of affairs we’re in right now, I think it is very important. It’s vital. … We need someone who knows the ropes, who’s not the establishment but who doesn’t need on-the-job training.”

I think those words are important for Ted, key for Ted: “We need someone who knows the ropes, who’s not the establishment but who doesn’t need on-the-job training.” (I also happen to think the word “establishment,” in our current political discussion, is largely bogus — I wrote an essay on this subject two years ago — but never mind . . .)

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