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Perdue’s Push in GA

Although David Perdue has consistently led Democrat Michelle Nunn in Georgia, a right-leaning state that, due to its increasing black population, Democrats think is within their grasp, the most recent polls have shown Nunn, for the first time, tied or ahead. The latest SurveyUSA poll has Nunn up three points, though the Perdue camp says their internals continue to show him ahead.

Perdue is out today with a new ad that will run statewide. Notably, it features a series of women offering praise for Perdue and criticism for Nunn.

Democrats went to great lengths to recruit women to run in the few races where they thought they had an opportunity to pick up a seat — see Nunn in Georgia and Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky. In fact, southern women, from Mary Landrieu in Louisiana to Kay Hagan in North Carolina, will in large part will decide whether Democrats retain their Senate majority.

Perdue’s latest ad is an effort to cut against Democrats’ attempt to lay claim to the women’s vote.

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