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My remarks about Katie Couric yesterday apparently tapped into a deep vein

of Katie-phobia across the nation. You should see some of my e-mails.

Really, people, that is no way to talk about America’s Sweetheart. And do

you really think that the adjective “perky” was put upon the earth by

Beelzebub to destroy our souls? Much discussion about why we find Katie so

jaw-clenchingly horrible. It’s not the gums–I personally ADORE Andie

MacDowall. It wasn’t even the colonoscopy on prime-time TV–that was in a

good cause after all, and followed a heartbreaking personal tragedy. So

what is it? Could it be… could it be the woman’s drearily predictable,

cookie-cutter, bought-the-whole-package, New-York-Times-seal-of-approval set

of left-liberal opinions? Which are so glaringly obvious even when she

makes one of her laughably unconvincing attempts at high-road journalistic

objectivity? Could it?…..

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