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Perry Heads to S.C.

Texas governor Rick Perry may have stumbled during the 2012 presidential campaign, but he seems to be leaving the door open for a 2016 run. Early next month, he’ll return to South Carolina, where he’ll headline the winter banquet for the state party. According to The State, “it marks the second time Perry will return to South Carolina since his defeat in the 2012 Republican presidential primary. Perry came to Greenville in August to raise money for Gov. Nikki Haley’s reelection campaign and to speak at her campaign kick-off rally.”

On Sunday, Perry also took a shot at Governor Chris Christie, a potential competitor. “Is a conservative in New Jersey a conservative in the rest of the country?” Perry asked, in an interview with ABC’s This Week. “We’ll have that discussion at the appropriate time.”

“Second chances,” he added, “are what America has always been about.”




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