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Perry Keeps Fundraising

Rick Perry may not be running for another term as governor, but his fundraising apparatus is humming along nicely. A source in Texas received a fundraising letter from Texans for Rick Perry on July 5 — one business day before Perry announced he won’t run for reelection — in which the governor celebrates the accomplishments of his tenure and asks for support:

Texas continues to lead the nation in job creation and economic growth.  And people around the country are moving to Texas, with our population growing by over 1,000 every day. 

This is no accident. 

Texas is thriving because of the conservative policies we have put in place.  Policies such as low taxes, balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility and investing in water and road infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing population have created an economic environment that is the envy of the nation.

And our sweeping tort reform laws, which I signed into law a decade ago, have helped foster a fairer legal environment that doesn’t allow for over-suing.

It was our commitment to rooting our economy on sound, fiscally conservative principles that has helped keep Texas great.  If you want to help continue this story of success, then I ask for your help.  Please send in your contribution of $5, $10, or $20 to my capmaign today so we can continue the fight for conservative principles and values. . . .

Together we can continue to make Texas great. We can protect our freedom and our children’s future. I appreciate your help and more than anything, your friendship. 

As NR has reported, Perry is considering a presidential run.

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