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Perry: Obama Engaged in ‘Federally Sponsored Jailbreak’ During Sequester

Texas governor Rick Perry had harsh words for President Obama and his administration’s “hysteria” over the sequester during his speech this afternoon at CPAC. After poking fun at the decision to shut down White House tours, Perry’s remarks took a more serious turn. The former 2012 presidential candidate discussed the Department of Homeland Security’s release of undocumented immigrants, calling the move a “federally sponsored jailbreak” that “crossed a line from politics of spin to politics as a craven form of cynicism.”

Perry said Texas is “a foreign country” compared to Washington, D.C. He cited his state’s surplus, balanced budget, job creation, and part-time legislature, and urged other states to adopt Texas’ approach to healthcare, energy, and environmental policy. 

Perry also boasted about the rate of job creation and economic growth in Texas, particularly among small businesses and Hispanic immigrants. “This is what we as conservatives stand for,” he said.


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