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Perry’s Dewhurst Endorsement at Texas GOP Convention Draws Disapproval from Crowd

When Rick Perry touted the Senate candidacy of Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst at the Texas GOP convention today, there was some pushback from the crowd, according to reports. “When Rick Perry mentions sending “my friend” David Dewhurst to Washington, huge roar of “Cruz” from crowd, sounding like a loud Boooo,” tweeted Dallas Morning News’ Wayne Slater. “.@GovernorPerry gives plug for@DavidHDewhurst at ‪#rptcon, and audience erupts in boos,” tweeted the Texas Tribune. 

Clip of the incident (this clip — which has much better sound quality — replaces the clip I had up earlier): 

As I wrote earlier this week, there is some tension about how Perry, a tea-party favorite, chose to back Dewhurst. 

And the best line from Perry’s speech at the convention? “Admit it America — 2008 was our national ‘oops’ moment!”

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