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Perry’s Waterloo?

From Brother Geraghty:

Perry on In-State Tuition Foes: ‘I Don’t Think You Have a Heart.’

According to Luntz’s focus group, this line by Perry was not only his worst moment in the debate, but perhaps the worst moment any Republican has had in any debate since he started doing these debate-watching focus groups.

This isn’t even an immigration issue any more. This is the same “kinder, gentler,” “compassionate conservatism” contempt for the grassroots that animates much of the Republican party establishment. Perry can shoot coyotes from now till doomsday and he’s never going to live this down, and you can be sure Democrats in Congress, if they ever make another push on the DREAM Act amnesty, will use his words as part of their campaign against Republicans. Perry would have been better off insisting that “Poland is free” or comparing himself to JFK.


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