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Peta Gets Revenge On Nro

Well, I kinda started yesterday making fun of PETA and so toward the end of the day, they exacted revenge. I had a 6 o’clock meeting and it took me nearly an hour to go from 34th Street to 68th by cab. Why? Because PETA was a few blocks away, holding up most of the East Side’s traffic, protesting fur across from a new Dennis Basso boutique. The whole thing—besides being annoying—was a bit sad. The protesters looked desperate and high-strung. One, who could have been a dead wringer for Ally Sheedy as a heroin junkie, screamed at me (it would have been the fire hydrant if it weren’t me) as I walked by her: What’s wrooooong with loving animaaals? The group chanted, but not in unison —making it a strain to actually understand the message: “Fur is an animal. Fur is dead.”


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