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Pete Hoekstra: Dems’ Intel Bill Protects Terrorists . . . and Pelosi

Rep. Pete Hoekstra, ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, has issued a release blasting the Democrats’ annual intelligence bill. Congressman Hoekstra explains that he intends to

vote against the Democrats’ flawed Fiscal Year 2010 Intelligence Bill—a bill that covers a period of time less than a day, but opens a door to terrorists from Gitmo being brought into the United States and gives foreign terrorists the rights of U.S. citizens.

“There have been three major attempted terrorist attacks on our homeland since the intel bill was voted on in June of last year, but it has in no way been changed to address known security gaps,” Hoekstra said. “Instead of working on an intelligence bill to strengthen our national security, Democrats wasted more than a year to force a vote on a bill to cover Speaker Pelosi—who accused the CIA of lying without proof—but which leaves our nation vulnerable.

Americans have made clear that they don’t want Gitmo detainees in the U.S., they don’t want CIA officers prosecuted and they don’t want foreign terrorists to have the rights of American citizens. That is why congressional Republicans oppose this flawed bill.”

Hoekstra noted that in addition to Mirandizing foreign terrorists and allowing for terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay to be brought into the United States, the bill authorizes earmarks, despite previous House votes to strip it of secret pork. It also attempts to protect Speaker Pelosi, but not the CIA officers she accused of lying from potential Justice Department prosecution for doing the job the speaker, the president and others asked them to do and approved.

“The intelligence bill should be about protecting the people of the United States and giving America’s intelligence professionals the tools they need to do the job,” Hoekstra said. “The Democrats’ bill does nothing more than provide political cover. It’s a one-day bill that does lasting damage to our national security.

“Luck is not a national security strategy nor is cramming through a year-old intelligence bill that hasn’t been updated to reflect the fact that terrorists have attacked our homeland. This bill shows Democrats aren’t serious about national security.”

Hoekstra pointed out that the recently announced congressional Republican Pledge to America would block Miranda rights for terrorists, require a comprehensive detention policy for terrorists and would prohibit Gitmo detainees from being brought into American neighborhoods.


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