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Pete King On The Senate

Statement just out (note the emphasis on the class card):

If the Senate actually thinks we are going to stand here and believe that temporary workers will return home once their worker permit expires, they are sorely mistaken. If they keep on handing out amnesty, the flood across our borders will not let up, it will increase.

There has never been a successful temporary worker program in history. There cannot be one here now. Legalizing the illegals is illogical. Enforcing our laws is logical.

The core strength of America has always been an ever-broadening middle class. Wealthy investors, the new ruling class, are getting rich from cheap illegal labor. Illegal labor is becoming the new servant class, who works in the factories, manicures nails and lawns, and cleans the mansions of the new ruling class. Most of the jobs that are now being done by illegals were done by blue collar middle class citizens, the new endangered species.

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