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Pete Snyder to Seek Virginia Lieutenant Governorship

Former Fox News contributor and GOP strategist Pete Snyder will announce his candidacy for lieutenant governor of Virginia this afternoon. A well-placed source confirms that Snyder will join six existing candidates for the Republican nomination, which will be decided next May 18 at a convention in Richmond.

Snyder, 40, is a cheerful and well-spoken advocate for conservative ideas. He is especially driven by the need for Republicans not to forego black and Hispanic votes, but fight for them with energy and purpose. He sees school choice and a direct assault on the widespread destruction of the teachers unions as an entrée for winning black and Hispanic parents who are justifiably appalled at the damage that the Democrat-teachers’-union axis is doing to their children.

Snyder also worries that Virginia’s fairly energetic economy will decelerate if Left-dominated government schools continue to erode the intellectual capital of its young citizens. Over the long term, the College of William and Mary alumnus sees education reform as an economic-development challenge as well as a genuine human-rights issue. Virginia will become less competitive and, thus, less prosperous if Democrats and their teachers’-union comrades continue to close the minds of government-school students.

Snyder is a successful entrepreneur who currently is CEO of Disruptor Capital, a Virginia-based source for seed and angel capital. He previously launched New Media Strategies, reputedly America’s first and largest social-media marketing company. Its clients include ABC, Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Paramount Pictures, RCA Records, and Red Bull, among others. Smart CEO included Snyder on its “Leaders We Admire” list. Fortune Small Business dubbed him “Best Boss.” The Washingtonian twice named Snyder a Technology Titan. Inc. Magazine dubbed New Media Strategies one of the “Fastest Growing Companies in America” three years running.

Snyder chaired the GOP’s coordinated campaign in the Old Dominion. While Mitt Romney lost Virginia, Obama’s margin was cut from 6.3 percent in 2008 to 3.9 percent last November 6, a significant rightward swing among the swing states. Snyder can point to progress, if not victory.

Fox News Channel viewers should recognize Snyder. A Fox News contributor, he frequently appeared on-air to offer his opinions and political analysis. Snyder’s candidacy led him to step down from Fox last week.

“Pete’s been a strong and effective conservative voice at Fox News and for America and we loved having Pete as part of our team,” said FNC founder and president Roger Ailes. “Having known Pete for a dozen years or more, I have no doubt he has a very bright future ahead.”

Pete Snyder offers the Right a new face worth watching in the race to become Virginia’s second-in-command.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor of National Review Online.

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