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Peter Lawler, RIP

The unexpected death of Peter Lawler is stunning and horrifying. In public life, he was a model patriot and Christian philosopher.

He had impressive talents – most notably a brilliant, versatile, and witty mind. His virtues – magnanimity, ambition, humility, empathy, industriousness, and boldness – were even more praiseworthy. Most awe-inspiring of all was the generosity that seemed to spring from him both naturally and endlessly. If one could collect all of his acts of kindness, it would fill a library. All who knew him even a little bit have their stories.

My deepest condolences to his family, and all who knew and admired him.

Peter liked to write that we were all wanderers in this life. He used his time to make things better for his fellow voyagers. His journey has now ended in the embrace of the Lord. RIP.


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