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Pew Finds GOP, Democrats Have Similar Views on Compromise

Pew has some interesting figures in their latest poll about how both ends of the political spectrum feel about their politicians’ compromising with the other side. Despite the common assumption that conservatives scorn compromise while Democrats have bent over backwards for it, it urns out the two groups have roughly similar views of their representatives’ willingness to cooperate.

Thirty-five percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters (including those who identify as tea partiers) feel that their party has compromised too much in negotiations in Congress, against 31 percent of Democrat and Democratic-leaning voters, a gap of only four percentage points. Meanwhile, 27 percent of Republicans think their party hasn’t compromised enough, while 32 percent of Democrats feel the same about their party — again, an almost meaningless gap. Almost the same proportions of the two groups think their parties have handled negotiations “about right,” with 32 percent of the GOP and 33 percent of Dems agreeing with the statement.

A slim majority of Tea Party–identified Republicans, 53 percent, think the GOP has compromised too much with Democrats (the plurality of non-tea-party Republicans think the GOP hasn’t compromised enough). However, a full 30 percent of tea partiers also say the party has handled negotiations “about right.” A slightly lower proportion of Republican-primary voters, 42 percent, thinks the GOP has been too cooperative, but the majority either approve of the GOP’s work or think it hasn’t compromised enough.


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