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I know, I’ve been remiss about blogging. Been chewing through a big pile of work here, most especially a book deadline. It’s getting to be a cliché – well, I have now heard it from two different publishing-house staffers – that blogging and book-writing seriously don’t mix, and I’m starting to believe it.

Anyway, I have stuff forthcoming in NR, The New Criterion, American Conservative, Claremont Review of Books, and the Wall Street Journal. In response to innumerable requests, I have finally got round to putting an RSS feed on my web site. Just embarked on my 8th year of full-time writing, and I’m still feeding my kids, keeping two cars on the road (aggregate age 26 years, admittedly), and covering those stupendous non-employee health insurance rates. (Free market? Hollow laugh.) Life is good. There not being enough hours in the day is, far as I’m concerned, evidence of life’s goodness.

A little housekeeping: Here is a shamefully incomplete solution to my August diary brainteaser. I still don’t see any way to make a betting game out of it. You need a convergent series, and the relevant ones here all diverge.

Radio Derb will be up shortly. Here’s a couple of entertainment pieces to hold you in the meantime. (1) The Large Hard… sorry! sorry!  Hadron Collider is up and running, though nothing’s actually been collided (collid?) yet. Meanwhile, envious biologists have been erecting their own collider.  (2) Have you ever felt the urge to incorporate your own features in a Maoist-style propaganda poster? No? Well … think about it.

OK, back to the salt mines.

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