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Phil Gramm

From a reader:


I don’t mean to single you out, but there isn’t a “group” email for the

Corner as I’m aware of, so I’m writing you.

Anyway, the Corner’s silence on yesterday’s Phil Gramm remarks is

deafening.  Here it is 24 hours into a pretty-decent sized story (I

don’t know how you sign into AOL mail, but I saw it listed as one of

the top news stories when I signed in through the web), and not even

one comment on his “whiner” remarks?  I expected at least a Larry

Kudlow defense or something.

Me: Fair enough. My own excuse is that this is one of  these stories that I somehow missed until late in the day, not sure why that is. Anyway, this is just another example of why I’ve always wanted Phil Gramm to be president of the United States and why that can never, ever, happen. 

Because it’s a peeve of mine, my ears always seem to be catching people talking about how much we need straight talkers in this country who won’t cave to their handlers, won’t spin, won’t poll-test their views. And yet, whenever somebody speaks honestly, down comes the thunder. I think this is a bipartisan phenomenon, by the way. 

Anyway, I think Gramm’s comments were politically dumb but substantially correct.  

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