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A Philosemite Lashes Out

Here is a British philosemite laswhing out at the nasty Judeophobia that has

now seeped across the English Channel. I

apologize for all the Britocentric references. Victor Meldrew is a grumpy

old man, central character in the 1980s Britcom ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE.

Richard Ingrams is a journalist, sometime editor of the scurrilous magazine

PRIVATE EYE (and I believe the originator of the phrase “too good to

check”–said of a juicy story from a dubious source).

Ms. Burchill is of course correct about the relative attractiveness &

vivacity of us philosemites, as against the crabby, bitter and ugly legions

of Jew-haters. As she points out, we have Marilyn Monroe; they have Yasser

Arafat. What more does one need to know?


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