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From Ekathimerini’s live blog of the Greek elections, which look to be have been a very near-run thing indeed :

If these polls are accurate, then (in some shape or another) it could be yet another stalemate or, maybe, the status quo staggers on for now:

19.20 Exit polls suggest that the first party will get about 130 seats. That makes PASOK [establishment left] kingmaker. It’s unlikely that Democratic Left will have enough MPs to become sole coalition partner.

So far as Greece’s future is concerned, this poll is, I suspect, worth pondering

19.58 Vote breakdown by age:

18-34 SYRIZA 33%, ND 20%

35-54 SYRIZA 34%, ND 24%

55+ ND 39%, SYRIZA 20%

SYRIZA is from the far left, ND is the center-right New Democracy. Whatever else may emerge from today’s vote, it seems clear that Greece’s economic collapse has radicalized a significant percentage of the working (or, critically, want-to-be-working) population.


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