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From a reader:

Hi Jonah,

Maybe I’m a little too late to get in on this discussion. I’ve been

working all morning instead of reading the Corner… Nonetheless,

having wrested a physics PhD from Cornell in the recent past, I would

note that nearly all the physics graduate students with whom I was

acquainted were left-wingers. Ergo lots of future liberal PhDs. I

don’t have any explanation for this, but I don’t think it has anything

particularly to do with government funding for scientific research. As

a completely unscientific guess, let me propose two pillars that would

support the leftiness of science PhDs.

1. Unfamiliarity with any life where you don’t get paid reasonably

good money to go to school.

2. We solve terrifically hard problems all the time because we’re

really clever. We could immanentize the eschaton too if we just get

clever people like us in the government…


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