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Piers Morgan to Jay Carney: At What Point Will Heads Roll Over Obamacare Site?

Even Piers Morgan is wondering why President Obama is not cleaning up house amidst the failing rollout of his signature health-care bill. In an interview with White House press secretary Jay Carney Monday night, Morgan asked Carney “at what point do you consider a head rolling?”

Carney said that the administration is not focusing on firing people, but rather on fixing the problem. “The [president] is focused not on pointing fingers and blame, but making sure that [the site] works,” he said.

Though Morgan said he agrees with the “ethos” behind the law, he told Carney “it is very frustrating for your supporters, like me. . . . There’s got to be a point, a limit to the president’s patience on his flagship program . . .  that if the system that’s designed to facilitate it continues to fail someone’s got to be accountable. If it’s not him, who’s it going to be?”

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