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Piers Morgan Slams Dem. on Canceled Plans: You’re Moving the Goalposts Off the Field

Representative Frank Pallone’s (D, N.J.) toughest opponent in his CNN debate on President Obama’s broken promise — that Americans who liked their health plans wouldn’t lose them – wasn’t his Republican colleague Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, but Piers Morgan himself. The CNN host wasn’t buying Pallone’s “evermore ludicrous” excuses on Wednesday night.

“Why didn’t [the president] just be honest? What about telling the truth?” Morgan asked Pallone. The congressman repeatedly argued that most people will be able to keep their plans, and that the now-canceled ones were “scams.”

Blackburn fired back that Pallone’s comments were “insulting” to those who liked their prior plans.

“If you move the goalposts any further, they’ll literally be off the field,” Morgan concluded.

Via Mediaite.


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