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Pine Tar

This week marked the 20 anniversary of the infamous pine-tar incident, one of the great baseball imbroglios of all time. Like all Yankee fans, I still haven’t forgiven MLB. The whole dispute is very much like the 2000 Florida election controversy, with the Royals in the role of the Gore legal team (the rules shouldn’t apply to us), the Yankees in the role of the Bush team (sorry, the rules are the rules). Last night, I saw the footage of the actual home run by George Brett, which I haven’t seen a long time since what is always re-played is the footage of him running out of the dugout like a maniac. It was high heat, up and inside, and I can’t believe the way Brett turned on it. What a marvelous hitter, probably the best I’ve ever seen in person (I’ve never watched a Barry Bonds game).

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