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From Pink Ribbon to White Flag?

The only thing that seems clear is that Komen is desperately trying to make the campaign to kill Komen stop — and that is what the venom from Planned Parenthood in recent days has been aimed at. 

Komen, of course, has never said this week: We will never do business with Planned Parenthood again (as I would love them to do, but I was and am under no delusions). And in this statement they appear to be somewhat consistent there . . . maybe: They have tightened funding guidelines and thus Planned Parenthood did not look eligible, but that does not mean PP necessarily will not get grants in the future. 

As Ezra Klein puts it

So they are, perhaps, backing down. Or perhaps not. 

Komen had no idea what they were in for, clearly. And now a whole lot of gracious people in my inbox want their thank-you donations back.


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