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A Pink Thanksgiving (No, This Has Nothing to Do with San Francisco)

An e-mail:

Subject: Brine Your Turkey!!

Most years I send out an email to my friends and acquaintances telling them to Brine their Thanksgiving Turkey. I had never been much of a turkey eater until I brined mine. Then it was hard to keep from eating it as I cut it. My preference is to use the recipe from the Patron Saint of MY kitchen: Alton Brown. Here is the link. 


1) Brine your turkey

2) Cook to temperature based on a probe thermometer (not the pop-up)

3) Remember, brined turkeys look a tad bit pink (that is why we check the temperature to reassure ourselves.) 4) ENJOY! So, I would be much obliged if you could pass along this (or a similar brine) PSA.

Thank you. And have a blessed Thanksgiving!