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Pinkerton (2)

Velvets aside, Jim Pinkerton’s article includes some excellent points. His last two paragraphs are well worth re-reading:

“…there’s a better path for Limbaugh. He can build upon his own personal experiences to strike a signature blow for liberty. He can get back on the air and use his mega-microphone to proclaim that personal freedom means that people should have a right to pursue happiness in their own way, so long as they don’t hurt others. He can say that he escaped from the coils of justice — in truth, injustice — because he had money and influence, but that others, not so rich, are rarely so lucky.

“That’s a message that would resonate, I believe, with most Americans. We all have demons that we try to deal with as best we can. But surely the current anti-drug regime of cops, snitches, and jails are extra demons that none of us needs. And if Limbaugh made a brave live-and-let-live argument, based on painful lessons learned, he’d be a hero to millions more.”

Yes, it would have been better (for all sorts of reasons) and far more praiseworthy if Limbaugh had come to such a conclusion before his current problems arose. But having the guts to say that he had been wrong about drugs in the past would be no small achievement. It would also be true.


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