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Pittsburgh Woman Says Her Attackers Were ‘Racially Motivated’

A white Pittsburgh woman who was beaten by a group of black teenagers over the weekend said she believes she was the victim of a racially motivated attack. Ginger Slepski’s injuries, including a torn shoulder ligament, have prevented her from going to work.

“I’m so afraid for these girls to get out and walk the streets,” she told Pittsburgh’s WPXI. “I do feel like it was very racially motivated and I grew up in the neighborhood.”

The confrontation occurred when Slepski got out of her car on Sunday after four teenage girls threw a bottle at her car while she was driving. Slepski and the teens then got into a verbal altercation.

“I got out and said, ‘What is your problem?’” she said. “They yelled, ‘Shut up white [expletive].’ The other said, ‘Get that white [expletive].’”

As Slepski started to return to her car, the teens pulled her out and began to beat her into the concrete. “They kept telling each other to, ‘Kick her in the head. Kick her head in the concrete,’” she recounted. A passerby eventually stopped the attack.

The teenagers have been charged with robbery and ethnic intimidation.


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