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The Plan

I think of all of the quagmire talk is overblown, unfair and premature at best. One has to assume that we have killed thousands of enemy forces so far. When our planes and helicopters return from assaults on enemy divisions and the pilots call their target areas “a real candy store,” that doesn’t mean we’re not inflicting damage.This is perhaps the fastest advance in military history, made with the utmost care for civilians against an enemy determined to hide behind women and children. All the while, our casualties have been in the mid double digits while our distance from Baghdad is roughly the distance between Baltimore and Washington, DC. And this has all happened even though half of the plan — establishing the Northern Front — never came to be. Those who suggest — and their numbers mount — that this plan was ill-conceived should at least concede that this is not the original plan. And yet: we are still making staggering progress. John Keegan’s column — posted below by Kathryn — strikes this balance. He summarily dismisses the “bogged down” talk, but points to the challenges ahead. He seems somewhat pessimistic but, then again, he’s merely pointing out things Tommy Franks must already know.


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