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Plan Post-Primaries Peace: R&R&Nr On Bermuda Cruise

GREAT NEWS: Bill Buckley and NR Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru will be joining Bill Bennett, former CIA Director James Woolsey, and NR editorial all-stars Rich Lowry and Jay Nordlinger, and Editor-at-Large John O’Sullivan (now also editing of The National Interest) on the National Review 2004 Bermuda Cruise. You’ve got to join us for what’s certain to be a humdinger of a week of high-end policy discussion and can’t-be-topped luxury cruising (on the world’s premier small-ship cruise line — Radisson Seven Seas). The big floating shindig — the perfect way to “come down” from all the hullabaloo and insanity of the presidential primaries — is scheduled for May 12-19, on the acclaimed MS Navigator, and prices are very affordable. We’ll be anouncing even more guest speakers soon. For more info or to sign up click here.


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