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Planned Action Item

After going inside Planned Parenthood with Abby Johnson here, an NRO reader in Illinois made a phone call: 

 Good afternoon. I called my local library in Wilmette in the “North Shore” of Chicago and while my local librarian did not seem pleased with my choice of book she did say they would order our local branch a copy as we do not have a copy of it and since it is new, our local share libraries would not send it’s copy to me. (I know- a run-on sentence, but it did flow as I wrote it!). Anyway, I guess my point is that if your readers- fellow National Review types- were to realize that we can help determine the types of books our local libraries have on hand to help not only with the type and direction of discourse but to help mold the minds of our youth, that would be awesome. All one needs to do is to call their local branch and request the book. Since we are are supporting the library through our tax “contributions”, they will generally order the requested book and then send notice once they have it. I have done this several times already and it is a great way to get some excellent conservative books into a not so conservative environment.  “Ask and ye shall recieve, seek and ye shall find.” 


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