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Planned Parenthood and Sebelius

Jack Cashill, writing in WND, has a very complete summary of the events in Kansas that included the destruction, under then-governor Kathleen Sebelius, of documents apparently containing harmful evidence that might have been used in the case built by Phill Kline against Planned Parenthood. A sample:

In October 2004, [Judge Richard] Anderson found probable cause that the records at both clinics contained evidence of crimes and promptly subpoenaed individual case files. Predictably, the clinics filed a motion to quash, which was denied.

Now the clinics and the Sebelius administration knew Kline’s office was zeroing in on some inconvenient truths. And so the clinics took their fight to the Sebelius-friendly Kansas Supreme Court. This move initiated some of the most bizarre legal shenanigans of any criminal case ever, but that is a story for another day.

It was at the height of this tense legal battle that the KDHE [the state health agency] under Sebelius started to destroy the original documents, and it did so without any notification to the court or to investigators.

Anderson, the district-court judge at the center of this, is a Democrat. He has been muzzled by the state supreme court, a creature of Sebelius’s ideology. Sebelius, of course, is the current HHS secretary. I’ve written about this, most recently here.

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