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Planned Parenthood Billboard Features Condom: ‘Getting It On Is Free’

Planned Parenthood erected a new billboard in South Memphis, and some residents think it goes a little too far. “Getting It On Is Free,” the billboard says, adjacent to a picture of a condom.

The giant advertisement directs people to and is one of the twelve billboards Planned Parenthood erected in the county as part of their HIV and STD prevention campaign, according to the local Memphis TV station WREG. This particular billboard is right next to an elementary school crosswalk.

Karen Wallace, a Memphis resident who drives by the billboard every day on her way to work at church, said, “I was shocked. I was appalled that anyone would put up a picture of condom. The graphic was not necessary, the message was enough,”

Ashley Coffield, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Memphis, disagrees. “A condom is not an explicit image, it’s just a piece of latex,” she said. “Children see explicit images all the time on the internet, in commercials and in the movies. We are trying to promote healthy relationships and save lives.” Planned Parenthood hopes to post more billboards in the spring.

Via Gateway Pundit.


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