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Planned Parenthood Exec Reveals the Biggest Flaw in the Pro-Abortion Argument

After years of consistently pushing their pro-abortion agenda, Planned Parenthood leaders are still unwilling to either acknowledge or deny the humanity of unborn children.

The latest example of such stunning evasion tactics occurred the other night on Fox News, when host Tucker Carlson pressed his guest Dawn Laguens — Planned Parenthood’s executive vice president — to get to the root of what a “fetus” is and what is done to that fetus during an abortion. It’s worth watching the full exchange at the end of this post to get a sense of how consistently she dodged his questions, but here’s the key section:

Carlson: With respect, I’ve let you repeat your talking points. . . . But I want to take it just a level deeper. . . . People say, “Look, this is killing a life. A heart is beating.” You can hear it at five and a half weeks and the majority of our abortions take place after five and a half weeks. So I want to know if that bothers you at all. . . . Do you ever stop and think, wow, what is happening here? Is a life being taken?

Laguens: I personally favor safe, legal abortion in this country decided on by each individual woman and her doctor to decide for themselves. I personally do not believe that that is a viable fetus at that point.

Carlson: I’m not saying viable. Is it —

Laguens: And there are rules — well there are rules we follow. Roe v. Wade laid out —

Carlson: Why are you giving me robotic responses? I’m asking you a human question, and I hope you’ll favor me with a human answer. I’m not saying it’s viable; at five and a half [weeks] it’s not. But you can hear the heartbeat. Is that a human being or not? Is it separate from the mother or not? Different blood type, often a different sex, different DNA. It doesn’t seem like a tumor or something that is connected to the woman wholly. It’s distinct. What does that mean? I would think you would’ve thought about it considering you provide more of them than anyone.

Laguens: I have thought about it very much for myself, but I am not going to project onto other women what I believe. What I believe is that women have the right and the choice and we’re going to leave it up to them.

She then trails off into further incoherent remarks about the importance of a woman’s “right to choose.”

Laguens didn’t avoid Carlson’s questions because she didn’t know the answers. She didn’t avoid them because she believes that each individual woman actually possesses the power to determine whether or not the organism growing inside her is, in fact, a human being. She avoided the questions because the abortion industry is built on the lie that the unborn child isn’t a living human, and if they acknowledge that this claim is fiction, their entire system will collapse.

If we continue to pressure these activists on the truth — as Carlson did so well on Monday night — they will reveal themselves to have no answers. Because Laguens knows, as you and I do, that abortion ends a human life, but she cannot admit it. This is why she can only mount a weak defense of the “right to choose.” In reality, whether or not an unborn child is a living human being is not a matter of choice or opinion that can differ from one woman to the next.

People on either side of the abortion debate can disagree on what rights that human being has. We can argue over the relevance of fetal viability, and we can differ on whether a woman’s right to “bodily autonomy” is more important than her child’s right to life. But these two fundamentally contradictory positions about the child’s humanity cannot both be correct; either each unborn child is a living human being, or it isn’t.

As Carlson pointed out, an unborn child has entirely unique DNA from both its mother and father. What’s more, all 46 of its chromosomes are present from the instant of its conception onward. This is clearly a separate living being. And until pro-abortion leaders such as Laguens are willing to admit to this humanity, it will remain impossible to have an honest disagreement about the competing rights at stake in this debate.

 Here’s the full video clip from Monday night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight:


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