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Planned Parenthood (of Va.) Likes the Domestic Spending Portion of the War Supplemental

Via e-mail: 

Last week we had our first big victory for Affordable Birth Control when the Senate Appropriations Committee approved our language to restore access to affordable birth control for millions of women! 

Now this bill is moving to the Senate floor for a vote this week! We need to be sure Virginia’s Senator John Warner (R) will support this measure. He is currently considered a swing vote and our constituent calls are critical! Please make your call TODAY.  It will only take a few minutes and will help us restore affordable birth control for millions of women!

more information about affordable birth control >>


Call Senator John Warner (R-VA) at (202) 224-2023

When you reach the office please tell Senator Warner that affordable birth control is a priority for American women and ask him to vote in favor of restoring affordable birth control for women. Please also be sure to leave a message if you reach voice mail and to mention that you’re a constituent.

Thank you for your support! Want to do more to restore affordable birth control? You can volunteer in your community or write a letter to the editor.



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