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New Planned Parenthood Video: Fetal Hearts Are ‘Amazing’ — That’s Why I Destroy Them As My Day Job!

After a long delay, the Center for Medical Progress is out with a new, typically ghastly, Planned Parenthood video:

Via CMP:

The eleventh video release from The Center for Medical Progress in the ongoing Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal shows the abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX, Dr. Amna Dermish, describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term fetuses which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting. . . .

“My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” says Dermish, speaking to actors posing as a fetal tissue procurement company. Dermish admits that she will sometimes use ultrasound guidance to convert a 2nd-trimester fetus to a feet-first breech presentation: “Especially the 20-weekers are a lot harder versus the 18-weekers, so at that point I’ll switch to breech.” . . .

In reply to a question about harvesting fetal brain, Dermish notes, “I haven’t been able to do that yet,” but exclaims with laughter, “This will give me something to strive for!”

As usual, there is plenty in the video to horrify — Dermish setting operating-room milestones not least among them — but I find myself simply awestruck by the moment at 7:18. Talking about a Planned Parenthood abortionist who goes searching for hearts post-abortion (fun!), the woman with Dermish, a staffer with Whole Women’s Health, bubbles: “Well, it’s cute! It’s cute.” Dermish adds: “It’s amazing! I have so much respect for development, it’s just so incredible.”

Development . . . of what, one wonders.


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