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Playing the Trump Card

My former governor John Sununu makes a great attack dog, and he’s not riding on the roof of the car but on the hood. I like the way he pushes back here against the ridiculous Soledad O’Brien when asked about the burning issue of this election, which is apparently Donald Trump’s views on President Obama’s birth certificate. One of the things that even non-Newt supporters appreciated about Gingrich in the debates was his disinclination to accept the premise of the questions. That’s what Sununu does, hanging million-dollar misogynist Bill Maher round the President’s neck. (He could have gone with Pole-hating Koreaphobe Marion Barry, or Al Sharpton*, or any number of others.)

Given CNN’s ratings, playing court eunuch isn’t doing anything for their business. So they should be grateful to the Romney campaign for providing them with five minutes’ relief from their usual gate-delay background-hum.

This year the GOP seems to have figured out a lesson it should have learned a long time ago: Only saps let the palace media frame the parameters of debate. Speaking of which, my favorite moment is when Miss O’Brien demands to know why can’t Mitt be more like John McCain. You mean, lose gracefully and get great reviews for doing so? Not this time.


Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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