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Please Don’t Make This Last Too Long

From the NYTimes on Friday’s leadership election:

The week was full of awkward moments as newcomers wandered around lost, the formerly powerful had to deal with loss of power and winners and losers passed in the halls. But in the end, for beaten House Republicans, it came down to a song.

After his election on Friday as the new minority leader, it was noted that it was the 57th birthday of Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio. As the Republican leadership team wound up a news conference, Mr. Boehner was serenaded with a birthday ditty: “This is your birthday song. It doesn’t last too long. Hey!”

And that is just what Republicans hope about their newfound minority — that it doesn’t last too long.

The Boehner Birthday Song on YouTube. Couldn’t someone have made him promise no more birthday song if he wanted to be leader?

Talk about opportunities lost.


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