The Corner

Please, Keep Doing What You’re Doing

If you’re a Republican campaign official, you have to be thinking tonight, please, Democrats, keep doing what you’re doing. Please, keep governing like you can’t pile up enough debt fast enough. Please, keep exposing Obama’s faux moderation from the 2008 campaign for what it was. Please, keep trying to jam through an unpopular, utterly unwieldy health-care bill sold on serial dishonesties. Please, keep dismissing your opposition as irrational and illegitimate. Please, keep up with the prickly arrogance. Please, keep sweeping Democratic ethics problems in Congress under the rug, making a mockery of your talk of reform. Please, keep piling on the initiatives to increase the middle-class cost-of-living, with huge, broad-based tax increases inevitably to come. Please, keep focusing on health care and global warming when what people care about most is jobs. Please, please, please, keep doing what you’re doing right now — all the way to November 2010.