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“Please, Nominate This Man” Reconsidered

Kathryn, I know you are joking, but I have gotten a lot of genuinely angry complaints that NR helped bring Dean down with our “Please, Nominate This Man” cover. A couple of points for all you out there steamed about that cover (especially today!): 1) Democrats probably were going to figure out that Dean was a disaster with or without us, but our cover may have helped. 2) We’re not in the business of hiding our opinions, and our opinion was a Dean nomination would be catastrophic for the Democrats—so we publicized that opinion in the most dramatic way we could. 3) To the extent the cover did hurt Dean (I’m still amazed at how many liberal Democrats are aware of that cover), I’m glad since he was a noxious influence on the Democrats and our national politics. We should want the Democrats to be as reasonable and responsible as possible, and at least John Kerry is more of both of those things than Howard Dean.


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