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Please Say Hi to Zoë

In Friday’s G-File (available on the interwebs!), I announced that we were getting a new puppy. We picked her up on Saturday night.

We wanted a girl to make it feel a little less like we were trying to replace Cosmo who was, is and forever shall be, irreplaceable.  After a great deal of debate, we named her Zoë, at my daughter’s suggestion. The rescue group says she is a German shepherd mix, but we’re not so sure. After some noodling and googling (and some advice from a G-File reader), we suspect she may be part Carolina dog. Who knows? We should get more clarity as time goes by. Though it feels fitting somehow. Cosmo was a rich ethnic cocktail and a bit of an “Indian dog” as my father-in-law likes to say. It may just be that these are the kinds of dogs God wants us to have. 

But for now, all we know is she’s very shy, very sweet, very soft, way too nocturnal, and very un-house-trained. The cats are, to use a technical term, wicked pissed. Zoë thinks it’s fun to chase Gracie, but is unaware of the extent to which it would be unfun to catch her. I’ve been tweeting pics of her, which you can find in my Twitter feed.

Anyway it’s all very exciting. And yes, her first chew toy was a squirrel. You’ve got to start training them early. 

Here is her adoption photo:


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