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Pledge Case & Reagan

Of course, I’m delighted the court dismissed the case, but I would have liked a thorough drubbing better.

Still, this reminded me of something. Reagan’s funerals (State and national) were dripping with references to God, the almighty, providence etc. The State funeral was officiated by two chaplains from the legislative branch and the national one was in a church conspicuously festooned with all of the rituals of faith. Did the government pay for any of it? And if so, why aren’t the ACLU and Newdow crowd furious?

Of course they probably are hopping mad, but nobody gave them a platform (if an ACLUer shrieks in the woods and nobody hears it…). Nevertheless, as a matter of law and custom, you’d think last week’s ceremonies proved the government’s position on God in much the same way all of those letters to Santa demonstrated it’s position on him in Miracle on 34th Street. Whether your an atheist or not, God’s part of the culture — legal, political and all otherwise. Deal with it.


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