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Plucking The Dixie Chickens

Whoa! Things are getting pretty hot for the Dixie Chicks over at a fan discussion website. I’m getting e-mails from Dixie Chicks fans who say they’re so disgusted by Natalie Maines’ diss of President Bush that they’re either throwing out their Chicks discs, or (in one case) mailing them back to the record company. “I realize that they already have the royalties from the sales, but I will supremely enjoy the process,” she writes. “I will also be enclosing a note that both my children were born in Texas, and I am proud that they share that with the president. The Chicks do have every right, as American citizens, to criticize this country and its president. And I, as a consumer, have every right to never purchase their music ever again!” A Massachusetts reader wrote to say he’s now sworn off the Dixie Chicks. He explained that “among the reasons that I started listening to country music was the fact that, by and large, country performers tend to keep their big yaps shut on politics. On the occasion that they do shout out, they tend to say things I agree with (Charlie Daniels, G-d bless ya!).”


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