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From a reader:

Why would liberals want to read another–one of many,

many–books that seems to amount to, “Liberals, You

Suck!” Shockingly, maybe liberals don’t want to read a

book that essentially argues that we are murderers.

And daring liberals to read it and prove that they

aren’t is hilarious. How many conservatives criticized

Fahrenheit 9/11 without seeing it? How many

specifically refused to see it out of principle? How

many conservatives have made fun of Al Gore’s Earth in

the Balance without reading it?

Me: This guys misses the point entirely. While I refused to see F/911 (I explained why here ), I think it was very, very widely reviewed and discussed on the Right. As for Earth in The Balance, few books have been more discussed, dissected and debated on the Right in the last 20 years. Sure, some people may talk about it without having read it, but serious conservatives reviewed the book and revisited it many times. I’ve read it from cover to cover. Moreover, Ramesh’s book isn’t a you-guys-suck book. That was my point. Ramesh’s arguments will inform the Right whether you like it or not. If his arguments amounted to “you guys suck” I would never say such a thing.


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