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Pod-Sailer Wars

I promised myself not to get mixed up further in the ongoing fisticuffs between JPod and Steve Sailer, (a) having no mental energy to spare for that sort of thing at the moment, and (b) believing that both these guys can take care of themselves pretty well, without any assistance from coat-holders.

However, I couldn’t help but notice two things in JPod’s New York Post column this morning.

(1) JPod recycles the meme about how liberal’s pretended concern for the underclass isn’t any real kind of concern, just a sort of intra-tribal moral one-upmanship, a way of declaring their moral superiority to us redneck toothless shack-dwelling bible-toting conservatives. I doubt this meme originated with Steve, but he uses it a lot, and I myself picked it up from reading his stuff.

(2) JPod signs off his column with the Church Lady’s line from SNL: “Well, isn’t that special.” This, too, is a favorite Steve-ism. I hardly ever watch SNL & hadn’t seen Dana Carvey do the line, but I knew about it from reading Steve.

All of which raises the very interesting question: Is JPod a secret Steve-oholic? Speaking as one of Steve’s earliest fans — I have been advertising him in The Corner for years as “the smartest gink I know” — I wouldn’t blame JPod a bit; but in the context of the recent heated exchanges between the two of them, I think we should be told.


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