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Talkin’ Abortion

One of the whizzes around here is Alexandra DeSanctis, a William F. Buckley Jr. fellow of the National Review Institute. She is known as “Xan,” pronounced “Zan” (coming from somewhere in the middle of “Alexandra”). That spelling looks Chinese, I realize. As our readers know, Xan is particularly knowledgeable about the “life” issues: abortion, etc. And she has been doggedly on the beat of Planned Parenthood.

A nice organization, with Republican origins, intent on giving breast exams to women? Well, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Alexandra DeSanctis is my guest on Q&A (here). We talk about Planned Parenthood, yes, and abortion, yes, and more. Are these dinner-table subjects? I raise this question at the end of our ’cast. Is abortion a subject for polite company? For a podcast? It’s our subject, regardless. And one of supreme importance.

Fair warning: Xan and I are both pro-life — or anti-abortion or anti-choice, pick your label — and speak from that point of view. But others may be interested in our comments all the same.

Warning II: Owing to my technical incompetence, I think, I come off a lot louder in this podcast than Xan does. But what she may lack in volume — thanks to my engineering problems — she makes up for in expertise and judgment.

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