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Your Date with Andrew

A conversation with Andrew Roberts is a rare pleasure. See for yourself — hear for yourself — in this Q&A podcast.

Roberts is the famed English historian. We talk about Trump ’n’ Hillary. What to make of them? We talk about Brexit. What to make of it? And we talk about a friend of Andrew’s: Napoleon.

Andrew is a Napoleon biographer, and so is Paul Johnson. They disagree. Johnson thinks the Corsican was an early Lenin; Roberts views him positively. As I tell Andrew in this podcast, I don’t know what to think when my gurus disagree.

We also talk about Winston Churchill — Johnson has written a biography of him, and Andrew is at work on one now. Further, we talk about another Johnson, Boris (who is yet another Churchill biographer). We talk about Roger Scruton, who has just become “Sir Roger.” And more.

If you want elegant erudition — and sound conservative judgment — you would be hard pressed to beat Andrew Roberts. Again, here.


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